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Alltruck enters the featherweight class

For almost 16 years, Alltruck Bodies has been supplying the market with a full range of truck bodies. Adding to their already extensive product builds; Alltruck has just released the new lightweight range of rigid truck bodies.

Established in 1991 by Tony Romano and George Mitrousis, Alltruck Bodies aimed to create a business that offered a full range of high quality truck bodies to the rigid truck market at a competitive price.
Their range of products includes curtainsiders, Colourbond vans, FRP vans, trays, insulated bodies, freezer bodies and now a lightweight range of rigid truck bodies.

Built using a combination of lightweight materials that includes aluminium for the extrusions and flooring and MonoPan for the walls, these lightweight bodies are an exciting new addition to the range.

By using MonoPan, manufactured by Thermo Composite Technologies, Alltruck Bodies say this lightweight composite panel is perfect for the construction of walls, roof and doors on rigid truck bodies.

“We saw a need to offer our customers a lighter alternative, particularly in the rental industry where gross vehicle mass dictates whether renters can drive a truck on a regular car license,” explains Alltruck Bodies Managing Director, Tony Romano.

“Many standard truck bodies available to the rental market don’t have a lot of payload available. This led us to look into ways we could create a lighter body.”

Tony says Alltruck Bodies are excited to offer this new lightweight body, which features all the structural integrity expected from any Alltruck body, but with reduced tare weight. The result is a payload gain of up to 500kgs and the added benefit of reduced fuel costs.

“Although it is early days for the lightweight bodies, customers have been very happy with the product,” said Tony. “We have made several dozen bodies so far and we have ordered in lots of MonoPan to ensure we can meet the continued demand for this model.”

Tony adds that the key to Alltruck’s success is simple. “We stick to our market and ensure that our products are delivered on time and at a consistently high quality. We constantly strive for innovation in our product range.”

With a client base that consists of owner-drivers, dealerships, and major transport users like TNT, Australia Post and Linfox, as well as government departments and the rental industry, Alltruck says their range of customers is indicative of their flexibility and ability to meet a wide variety of requirements.

“A major strength of Alltruck is our ability to handle bulk orders and ensure that we deliver on time. We can produce in excess of 20 truck bodies per week and have a delivery time frame of four to six weeks.”

“This, combined with our scheduling and planning tools, design skill sets, and repair shop capabilities, ensures our customers’ needs are met,” says Tony.

While they may be offering the lightweight bodies now, Tony says they still specify the best product for the job. “We want to be able to give the customer the full range of options. We don’t just steer people one way or the other, we give them all the pros and cons of the different types of bodies to ensure they make an informed decision,” says Tony.

“What is important to some customers may not be for others. For some, price is important, while others look for savings in weight. But no matter what features a customer is looking for, Alltruck Bodies have made sure we can offer it.”